Let’s make your 401(k) work a lot harder

Participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan is one of the smartest ways to prepare for your future. And if your employer has GuidedChoice as part of their retirement plan package, we can invest and manage your 401(k) for you — taking the burden off your shoulders.  Or if you’d rather, we can give you the personal advice to successfully manage it on your own. Either way, you will be taking the right steps to set yourself up for a successful retirement.  

Invest and save smarter when you have GuidedChoice

Professional advice is proven to yield better results than making decisions on your own.  Or worse, not adjusting your portfolio at all. At GuidedChoice, our advice is always objective, unbiased and tailored to the exact goals you want to reach.  And, we can assist with any type of employer-sponsored plan – not just the popular 401(k), but also 403(b), 457, SEP, TSA and Keogh plans. 

When we manage your account you will get:

  • A personalized investment allocation, ensuring the right diversification and risk balance for you
  • A clear understanding of how much you (and your spouse) need to save both in and outside of your 401(k) account
  • Your projected retirement income based on how you are investing and saving today
  • Personalized scenario planning to help you make better decisions for your future
  • Automatic rebalancing to keep you on track
  • Peace of mind and confidence that you are making the right financial decisions today to meet your future goals

Want to manage your 401(k) yourself? We can still help you give your 401(k) a boost.  Login and see how we can help.

Thanks to our patented process and use of multiple risk guards, we can also help to protect you from undue market volatility. To learn how our methodology works, take our short Guided Tour.

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Trusted by America’s most innovative companies

From Fortune 500 firms to fast growing start-ups, GuidedChoice is the partner for companies who believe in providing greater employee satisfaction and care. Over our 20+-year history, we’ve helped over 1.5 million customers successfully plan for their future, and are proud to offer the same proven advantages to you.

Take our advice for a test run

Our QuickAdvice calculator makes it easy to see our financial modeling technology in action. Just enter your information, and QuickAdvice will apply our intelligence to estimate your monthly retirement income. It’s a preview of the more comprehensive simulations and analytics exclusively for GuidedChoice customers.

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Thinking about rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA?

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Get expert advice at an affordable price

With GuidedChoice, you can get advice from experts at a low fee — check with your employer for pricing specific to your plan. As an extra bonus, you’ll also receive a free consultation to answer any questions. Make a smart investment in your future today.

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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

401(k) Advice and
  • Maximize the potential of your existing plan
  • Personalized advice with rebalancing as needed
  • Take all of your retirement assets into consideration
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Income Planning
  • Turn your savings into regular income
  • Maximize the long term value of your assets
  • Avoid running out of money after you retire
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Charitable Giving
  • View unbiased ratings and reviews
  • Give with extra confidence
  • Nearly 10,000 national charities rated