Great things happen when we work together

Anyone who works to help people achieve the future they want is a friend to us. At the top of our list are professional advisors who go the extra mile to help their clients succeed. For nearly 20 years, we’ve proudly partnered with advisors nationwide to offer greater customization, innovation and trust. These are just some of the advantages available to you.

1. 3(38) fiduciary responsibility at the participant level

We go beyond the industry standard to accept fiduciary liability for the participant as well as share fiduciary liability at a plan level. That helps you better focus on the fiduciary responsibilities core to plan and client success, while easing the compliance and regulatory burden so you have more time to grow your business.

2. Faster participant education

Through our highly personalized approach, participants more easily learn the importance of saving for their future, how much they need to contribute, and how the choices they make today will affect their retirement outcome. All of which helps them better understand the key benefits of their plan, and become more invested in achieving long term success.

3. Total customization without sacrificing control

Unlike other partners, we never mandate a specific investment strategy or fund options. Thanks to our open architecture, everything we do is customized to the strategy and options you select for your client. We can even take your existing line up and create a custom TDF. It’s all about keeping you in control, and ensuring you have the support to better educate and serve sponsors as well as the employees under their care.

4. Increased participant and contribution rates

A combination of factors make us unique in how we help to attract and grow participant relationships. Our proven methodology favors less risk over more reward, which is what a majority of participants prefer. Through our goals-based approach, employees will know exactly what it will take to achieve the future they want, which further increases satisfaction and contribution levels. And when markets become uncertain, participants remain confident thanks to our multiple risk guards and personalized advice.

5. A partner as independent as you

For nearly 20 years, GuidedChoice has provided objective, unbiased expertise with no hidden affiliations or conflicts of interest. Led by our founder and industry pioneer Sherrie Grabot, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard, and are solely dedicated to the success of plan and participant. You can trust our recommendations, and our commitment to creating a mutually successful partnership.

6. Industry-leading oversight and due diligence

Our investment team follows a rigorous internal process to ensure you have the highest quality funds to serve a diverse employee base — strictly based on your investment strategy and preferred universe of funds. All options are thoroughly researched to ensure they meet our exceptional standards, including a full analysis of the underlying funds. We also help you better manage risk and maximize return by using diversified portfolios across a comprehensive set of asset classes.

*J.P. Morgan and David Blanchett, “The Impact of Expert Guidance on Participant Savings and Investment Behaviors”,
Working Paper (David Blanchett, August 2014)

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Solutions tailored for advisor success

The solutions below are perfect examples of how we put our promises into action. Each one takes customization and support to a whole new level.

Managed Solutions for DC Plans

Traditional Managed Account and Personalized TDF

Fully customized to your plan’s strategy and guidelines

Highly personalized advice for each participant

Fiduciary Services

Expert 3(38) fiduciary care at a plan and participant level

Complete oversight and due diligence

Fully customized to your investment strategy

For nearly 20 years, GuidedChoice has helped advisors take their client success to the next level with unmatched customization, innovation and relationships built on mutual trust. Learn about the commitment we make to the professions who partner with us.

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