Strong fiduciary care beyond expectations

GuidedChoice goes beyond the industry standard to offer a full range of 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services. Whether you’re a plan sponsor, financial advisor, or employer in need of a trusted fiduciary partner, we can save you valuable time by ensuring all ERISA fiduciary standards are met, while helping you better support plan and participants alike.

The benefits of a complete fiduciary expert

GuidedChoice is unique in that we can act as a 3(38) as well as 3(21) fiduciary for defined contribution plans. Both offer indemnification for plan sponsors, advisors and our business partners for losses incurred from a breach of GuidedChoice’s fiduciary duty, and the option to use our Managed Solutions as a QDIA and way to meet 404(c) requirements. Individual advantages include:

3(21) Fiduciary Services

  • Investment strategy and fund recommendations for the plan
  • Fund replacement suggestions
  • Continued monitoring and replacement
  • You maintain control of all plan decisions

3(38) Fiduciary Services

  • Assumption of fiduciary liability at a participant level
  • Full responsibility for selecting investment options for the plan, fully customized to your investment strategy and based on a rigorous process
  • Full responsibility of the monitoring and review process by our investment team, with the ability to add and remove funds and create watchlists that are closely monitored
  • Issuing of quarterly fiduciary reports from our investment committee
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Industry-leading oversight and due diligence

Our investment team follows a rigorous internal process to ensure you have the highest quality funds to serve a diverse employee base — strictly based on your investment strategy and preferred universe of funds.

All options are thoroughly researched to ensure they meet our exceptional standards, including a full analysis of the underlying funds, so your portfolio is never overweighted with an asset class already accounted for, or underweighted by missing an important asset class. We also help you better manage risk and maximize return by using diversified portfolios across a comprehensive set of asset classes.

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A reputation for independence and trust

For nearly 20 years, GuidedChoice has been a preferred fiduciary partner for employers and financial professionals who believe in greater transparency and accountability. As an independent company, our advice is always unbiased and free of conflicts of interest. We also have no proprietary funds to promote, so you can be confident that our recommendations solely work in the best interest of your plan and participants.

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Learn more about our range of fiduciary services by downloading our latest materials. You can also visit our Resources section for additional reports and analysis.

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Greater convenience and security for less cost

Our 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services are available on their own, or together for maximum benefit. Unlike others, we also never charge a premium for 3(38) services, so cost isn’t a barrier to extra fiduciary care. If you’re an advisor on Paychex, you can even leverage our fund lineups right now. Contact us to have our team prepare a tailored solution for you.

GuidedChoice: Small Business Solutions

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Small Business
  • Managed IRA for greater convenience and ease
  • Professional management and advice for
    defined contribution plans
  • Greater flexibility and cost advantages
GuidedChoice: Business Managed Solutions for DC Plans

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Managed Solutions
for DC Plans
  • Traditional Managed Account and Retire Ready Portfolio
  • Fully customized to your plan’s strategy and guidelines
  • Highly personalized advice for each participant
GuidedChoice: Business Retirement Readiness

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Retirement Readiness
  • Essential preparation and motivation for employees
  • Personalized assessments and recommendations
  • Gives employers a unique picture of their
    plan and participants
GuidedChoice: Business Retirement Income Planning

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Retirement Income
  • Personalized income and investment strategies
  • Complete withdrawal and investment plan
  • Avoid the worry of running out of money after retirement
GuidedChoice: Business Fiduciary Services

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Fiduciary Services
  • Expert 3(38) fiduciary care at a plan and
    participant level
  • Complete oversight and due diligence
  • Fully customized to your investment strategy