A smarter way to set your employees on the right path

Retirement readiness, or the lack of it among many Americans, is a hot topic in the financial press. This dovetails with a renewed emphasis on financial wellness, specifically in the workplace. Now GuidedChoice has a solution exclusively built to help employers better educate and inform their employees, so satisfaction as well as participation rates, savings rates and diversification are maximized.

Exactly what it takes to prepare and motivate employees

Designed to compliment our Managed Solutions for DC Plans, Retirement Readiness Analytics is focused on preparing employees to confidently engage with their existing plan. Each participant will receive a personal assessment able to provide a clear picture of where they currently stand in saving for their future, followed by an action plan they can implement to meet their desired goals. Key features include:

  • Clear answers to such common questions as “Am I saving enough?”, “Will I have enough money to retire?” and “Am I properly diversified?”
  • Personalized assessments and plan recommendations that are easy to understand and implement
  • Assessments fully customized to your plan — including savings rate, projected retirement income, diversification, company stock exposure and more — if the plan data is available to us
  • Application of the same rigorous methodology and sophisticated analytics that powers all of our GuidedChoice solutions
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Greater ease for employers and plan professionals

At every step, we do all of the work required to inform and support your employees. That begins with a full analysis of your current plan, followed by targeted communications based on employee population segments and simple instructions on how employees can action our advice. If a participant has a GuidedChoice Managed Account, we can even implement our advice for them, while others can sign up directly from their assessment.

For employers, we’ll prepare an assessment at regular intervals, and report our findings directly to you. We can even provide educational webinars and seminars on request.

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Insights to help you make the right choice

To learn more about Retirement Readiness Analytics and the growing importance of financial wellness in the workplace, download our latest materials. You can also visit our Resources section for additional reports and analysis.

Take your plan to the next level

Our team is always available to help you explore how Retirement Readiness Analytics can work for your company or client, including an overview of our low fees and personalized support. Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting or call.

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GuidedChoice: Small Business Solutions

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Small Business
  • Managed IRA for greater convenience and ease
  • Professional management and advice for
    defined contribution plans
  • Greater flexibility and cost advantages
GuidedChoice: Business Managed Solutions for DC Plans

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Managed Solutions
for DC Plans
  • Traditional Managed Account and Retire Ready Portfolio
  • Fully customized to your plan’s strategy and guidelines
  • Highly personalized advice for each participant
GuidedChoice: Business Retirement Readiness

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Retirement Readiness
  • Essential preparation and motivation for employees
  • Personalized assessments and recommendations
  • Gives employers a unique picture of their
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GuidedChoice: Business Retirement Income Planning

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Retirement Income
  • Personalized income and investment strategies
  • Complete withdrawal and investment plan
  • Avoid the worry of running out of money after retirement
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  • Expert 3(38) fiduciary care at a plan and
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