Give back with a new sense of confidence

Giving a portion of your wealth to charity is a deeply personal and rewarding act. To help you better decide which organizations to support, we’ve joined with Charity Navigator® — the leader in intelligent giving — to make their unbiased rankings available free of charge.

Charity Navigator

Each year, Charity Navigator analyzes nearly 10,000 charities nationwide to determine their financial health, accountability, transparency and results. From this, a list is created of the nation’s highest ranked 4-star charities, which you can search here.

Use it to see if your favorite organization made the list, or find new charities that match your personal interests. If you have any questions about how to integrate charitable giving into your retirement goals or income planning, contact a member of our team.

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401(k) Advice and
  • Maximize the potential of your existing plan
  • Personalized advice with rebalancing as needed
  • Take all of your retirement assets into consideration
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Income Planning
  • Turn your savings into regular income
  • Maximize the long term value of your assets
  • Avoid running out of money after you retire
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Charitable Giving
  • View unbiased ratings and reviews
  • Give with extra confidence
  • Nearly 10,000 national charities rated