IRAs that make retirement planning effortless

Let’s make today the day when you take charge of your future. When you set your own retirement goals. Create an IRA you fully understand. Feel secure with unbiased personal advice and expert management. This is the confidence GuidedChoice delivers to more people every day. Learn how to put us to work for you.

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An investment strategy tailored to you

At GuidedChoice, there is no single IRA that fits everyone. There’s only the right IRA for you. We begin with an initial recommendation of a savings goal based on your age and time until retirement, at which time you can further personalize to your desired retirement age and contribution rate. If you’re unsure which type of IRA is best for you, we can help with that evaluation as well.

Once that’s set, we’ll create a personalized portfolio from funds selected by GuidedChoice and risk level just for you. Whether you are saving for retirement or already in retirement, with an IRA from GuidedChoice, you can create the future you want.

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The advantage of professional management

Only GuidedChoice includes financial management and advice as part of our low fee. Our digital intelligence monitors the funds you’re invested in 24/7, and we automatically rebalance your account when necessary to keep you on track.

As your life goals change, you can also see how changes in your retirement date or contributions can affect the projected balance of your IRA at retirement, and action them with a single click. All with access to our expert team when you need live support.

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Designed to help you weather the toughest markets

Our patented process and use of multiple risk guards favor steady long term growth while protecting you from market uncertainty. It’s a strategy designed to balance risk and reward in a way that helps to protect your account, while giving you greater certainty in meeting your retirement goals. To learn how our methodology works, take our short interactive tour.

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Rollover an existing account with confidence

If you already have an IRA — or even a 401(k) — a rollover to GuidedChoice could help you better achieve your retirement goals. The process is fast, easy and absolutely free. To find the right option for you, contact us or use our convenient online evaluator. Our advice is always objective, unbiased and works in your best interests alone.

See how much a rollover can save you

Along with a highly competitive base fee, our prices are fully transparent and never come with hidden or unexpected costs. Use our online fee checker to directly compare your current IRA fees to ours. The result may surprise you.

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Start now with no minimum opening balance

Whether you’re opening a new IRA or rolling over an existing account, a few minutes is all it takes to start a personalized GuidedChoice plan. No minimum balance is required, and all IRAs are available for this affordable fee:

* $6.50*Per Month   * ~57 to 65 Basis Points (BPS)   * Get Started

$50 annual fee applies for account balances under $50,000.

*~$5.70 – $6.30 per every $1,000 in your account. Price varies depending on expense ratio fees.  Click here to get a full breakdown of our IRA fees.

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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

401(k) Advice and
  • Maximize the potential of your existing plan
  • Personalized advice with rebalancing as needed
  • Take all of your retirement assets into consideration
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Managed IRAs
  • Personalized advice and professional management
  • Automatic rebalancing to keep you on track
  • Rollover an existing IRA in minutes
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Income Planning
  • Turn your savings into regular income
  • Maximize the long term value of your assets
  • Avoid running out of money after you retire
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Find the right GuidedChoice solution for you

Charitable Giving
  • View unbiased ratings and reviews
  • Give with extra confidence
  • Nearly 10,000 national charities rated