Make sure you never run out of money after you retire

One of the questions we’re asked the most is how to create a safe after-retirement income plan. And no wonder. Today, 9 out of 10 people approaching retirement are concerned about making their savings last. That’s why we’ve put our expertise to work on personalized planning everyone near retirement or already retired can afford, and use to make confident decisions.

What’s wrong with the 4% rule?

Many people believe they can make their retirement savings last by only withdrawing 4% of the value each year. Here are the facts.*

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Average success rate using the 4% rule
GuidedChoice Retirement Income Planning 50%
Average success rate using GuidedChoice*
GuidedChoice Retirement Income Planning 90%
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Source: Asset Valuations and Safe Portfolio Withdrawal Rates by David Blanchett, Michael Finke and Wade D. Pfau.

*Given the current market environment with bond yields below 2% and the CAPE ratio so far above 30, a 4% initial withdrawal rate has less than a 50% probability of success over a 30-year period with a 40% equity portfolio. This success rate is much lower than past studies, which have typically noted a probability of success above 80%, generally closer to 90%.

Receive a financial strategy and plan unique to you

Designed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz, the creator of Modern Portfolio Theory and our proven risk/reward model, our digital intelligence runs thousands of market simulations — including some of the best and worst financial scenarios — to create a retirement income, drawdown and investment strategy tailored to your individual goals. Nothing is left out, or left to chance.

You’ll know:

  • Exactly how much you can safely spend each year
  • How to withdraw money from your investments in the most tax-efficient way based on the information we have
  • When to take Social Security
  • How to adjust your investments to support your annual income strategy
  • Whether purchasing an annuity makes sense for you

For an inside look at how we deliver these answers and more, take a short tour of how our Retirement Income Planning works.

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Easily test different scenarios throughout the year

Another advantage you’ll enjoy is scenario planning. At any time, you can easily see how different factors will affect your financial outlook. From extra vacations and family bequests to unexpected health costs, you’ll know in advance how any change will impact your income strategy, so you can make the smartest personal choice.

If you or your spouse haven’t retired yet, we can also guide you towards determining the ideal retirement age based on your finances, and show you potential spending levels at different retirement ages.

Additional safeguards to keep you protected from risk

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While our proven methodology calculates the precise balance of risk and reward for your portfolio, we also examine tax laws, withdrawal rules and more to determine the most consistent level of annual income for you. That way, you won’t experience a shortfall that could leave you without the funds you need in a given year. Our simulations even add 10 years onto life expectancy for extra security.

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Another way we protect you is by asking you to renew at the start of each year. It’s a reminder to provide us with any financial or life goal changes that may affect your income or investment strategy. Together with any tax law changes, we’ll use that information to update your withdrawal and spending plan for the coming year to keep your plan fully personalized, and able to ensure your money lasts for the long term.

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Personal help whenever you need us

Along with our online advice and tools, our expert team is always ready to provide assistance. Contact us to get prompt answers to your questions, advise us of any changes to your circumstances, explore new financial or life goals and more. When you join us, we’ll also arrange an initial consultation to help you start with confidence. Learn more about our personal client support here.

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  • Avoid running out of money after you retire
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