How Much Should I Have Saved for Retirement at My Age?

In today’s culture, everyone is seeking a benchmark to gauge how they’re measuring up—financially, professionally, relationally, physically, and otherwise. Retirement planning is no exception. You can’t avoid articles telling you about the need to save for your future or about the retirement savings crisis in America—they are seemingly everywhere. But, one question that is too... Read more »

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GuidedChoice: Who’s got your back?

Who’s got your back?

When someone gives you advice about retirement money, who exactly are they working for? It’s surprisingly complicated. If you have a company retirement plan, the people who run it – your employer, various firms that provide investments and handle the money, and advice providers like GuidedChoice – are already “fiduciaries.” This means we’re legally required to act in your financial best interest. Not in the interest of our own paychecks, shareholders, or anyone else.

GuidedChoice: Investment fees add up to more than a bag of peanuts

Investment fees add up to more than a bag of peanuts

You may have noticed that we took our summer vacation a little early around here. Despite the predicted extra-long delays this travel season and the predictably packed flights, once we actually got airborne we couldn’t help noticing how patient, understanding and long-suffering our flight crews were. Until it comes to their retirement, that is. Thanks… Read more »

GuidedChoice: Skewing the odds

Skewing the odds

Everyone understands that if the odds of a coin toss are 50/50, we might as well flip that coin. But what if those odds aren’t so clear? In a groundbreaking piece of research, economist Daniel Kahnemann found that we consistently disregard the actual outcomes involved in winning and losing.

Taking over two worlds

For everyday investors, managed accounts offer the best of two worlds. These clever investment tools combine the convenience of an all-in-one fund with the professional, active management features most such options lack. And in the retirement plan world, they’re slowly taking over. According to a recent Fidelity study, an increasing number of retirement plans are… Read more »