Why is this an annual subscription?

With GuidedChoice, what you are purchasing is on-going professional advice on your account. As things change, you are able to come back in at any time during the year and adjust to make sure that you stay on track. We monitor things on our end and give you the plan to action. What you are paying for is access to 24/7 professional financial advice for a full year.

When you have a 401(k) it is very important that you maintain your account and are coming back to get advice on how to rebalance. You can do this either quarterly or annually. When you come back in we will give you everything you need to keep your 401(k) or other employer retirement account appropriately diversified and tailored to you so you don’t have to worry. Access to our advice costs you about $.27 cents a day to feel more confident in getting to your ideal future.

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