How and what funds do you select for your Managed IRA? Why do you choose these funds?

We are very careful and judicious when we select the funds for our managed IRA, as we are with everything we do. Our investment philosophy and methods are applied in this selection process just like it is with all of our products and solutions.  With our criteria, we select funds from among the following categories:

  • Cash or short-term fixed income
  • Intermediate fixed income
  • Inflation protected bond
  • High yield bond
  • Large cap equity
  • Mid cap equity
  • Small cap equity
  • Developed international equity
  • Emerging markets equity

We choose from among available funds based on a combination of cost, fit in category and historical performance.

Cost means the fund’s prospective net expense ratio. Fit is a statistical measure of how well the fund represents its category. Historical performance, while not necessarily predictive of future performance, can be a signal about future fund health. The worst performing funds have a tendency to liquidate, and we aim to avoid those.

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