How does GuidedChoice protect against uncertainty?

The iterative nature of our advice means it is self-correcting, which is probably the best way we guard against uncertainty.

Ideally, you would act on our advice and then seek the advice again once either something material has changed in your situation (e.g., salary, assets, mortality, goals), or a year or more has passed since you last obtained advice from us.
We can further mitigate negative impacts from uncertainty by guarding against overconfidence. We do so by applying conservatism when informing you what to expect.

We simulate future levels of wealth instead of calculating them, as calculated projections of wealth tend to be higher than simulated ones.

We also show you a range of income you can expect in retirement, ranging from a weak market to a strong market. This way, you are more certain in your planning process. If you know you can live off the weak market projection, you will feel more confident in your plan and if not, you can make informed decisions to get you where you want to be. Learn more about our process here.

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