What do I get when I pay for your retirement income planning services?

With our Retirement Income Planning Solution, you get a personalized and tailored strategy and plan to make the most of your financial assets in retirement. Our goal is to make sure that you have a solid plan that you can feel confident in and give you the professional support and guidance you need. You get full access to our solution for twelve months from the moment you purchase. In addition you have complete access to our client service team. Here’s some of what you can expect to receive when you purchase our retirement income planning solution:

  • A personalized, after-tax dollar amount you can spend per month in retirement, with a high confidence expectation that you will not run out of money during retirement.
  • A personalized Social Security strategy, showing you how to maximize your (and your spouse’s) Social Security benefits. We’ll even show you exactly how and when to set up your Social Security benefits.
  • A Personalized Spending Guide, which shows you how much to withdraw from each of your retirement accounts – and from which specific investments – to provide enough income for the year.
  • Personalized tax efficient withdrawal strategy that takes your situation into account.
  • Personalized investment advice on how best to invest your retirement savings – wherever your retirement accounts are held.
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