Why is this an annual subscription?

With GuidedChoice, what you are purchasing is on-going professional advice on your account. As things change, you are able to come back in at any time during the year and adjust things to make sure that you stay on track. What we do is adjust things on our end and give you the plan to action. What you are paying for is access to 24/7 professional financial advice for a full year. When you are in retirement, you want to make sure that your income plan stays on track in order to get you through your entire retirement. Having access all year round allows you to not only come back in and adjust things as your personal situation changes but it also gives you access to our client team when you need them. The advice you receive is what you can implement across the entire you purchase so you can look at it as the total cost of advice for that year is the total you paid, plus the additional access you get to our team and our service. As one of our safeguards to help ensure that our income plans strategy for you is able to last your lifetime, it is critical you come in ever year and update your information. Even if nothing with you changes, markets change and tax laws change, so you will want to understand how your plan may change for each calendar year. The cost of our services are about $.82 per day and just understanding how should efficiently withdraw your money each year can easily cover that and more.

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