Guided Choice


Everything we do is personalized to you.

There’s no single path to retirement that works for everyone. Creating the right strategy is based on all kinds of things unique to you. Your job, family size and even lifestyle can help to decide the best way to save for the future you want.

That’s why our model avoids “one size fits all” solutions in favor of truly personalized planning and advice.

Every single thing we recommend is tailored to you, based on your best interests alone. It sometimes means asking you for a little more info, but what you get back is greater personalization and accuracy throughout your journey to retirement.

When we see gaps in your strategy, we’ll provide recommendations and a path to help you close them. If you ask us to manage your account, we can even make those adjustments automatically. Creating a personalized plan means we know how to look out for you, and help to ensure your long-term success.

Diversified Allocation

Always know the right way to allocate your investments.

Know the saying that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket? Advisors call it diversification, and what we do is allocate your investments in a way that minimizes the risk that your plan can go wrong as you pursue your goals.
Big firms use a Nobel Prize-winning formula called Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to diversify billions of dollars of investments. GuidedChoice was one of the first to make it available to everyone.
Our breakthrough digital intelligence employs a proprietary use of MPT to automatically calculate a personalized investment mix — based on your goals, savings rate and other factors specific to you. The more information you provide, the more tailored your advice will be.
To keep you properly diversified, our intelligence constantly monitors your progress to suggest changes that will keep your portfolio healthy. It’s technology available to you 24/7, without asking you to do a thing.

Scenario Analysis

Thousands of market simulations. One portfolio tailored to you.

Advisors don’t have a crystal ball. But they do need to predict how investments will perform, so they can suggest the right ones for your portfolio. They often do this by creating models based on an investment’s past performance, or borrowing a similar model they may not fully understand.
But the real world is a lot more complex and uncertain, which means those simple methods often don’t anticipate how the future may be different from the past. GuidedChoice takes a smarter approach.
We built a model that links how interest rates, bond yields, inflation rates and asset class returns behave — and use it to run thousands of simulations to assess possible future scenarios of your financial situation. Not just over a few months, but years and even decades ahead. All focused on the goals you want to reach.
We even generate scenarios as bad as or worse than the last three financial crises, and major events like the Great Depression. That way, you know the advice we give you has been properly tested, and really is the best strategy for you.
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Risk / Reward Balance

Stronger protection against the right kinds of risk.

When it comes to saving for retirement, risk is about more than how the markets may perform. It’s about taking all of your personal factors into account to create a portfolio that can hit your savings target with the lowest amount of necessary volatility.
Finding that perfect balance is where the second part of the GuidedChoice model comes in.
The portfolio we recommend is driven by a scoring formula that evaluates a range of possible wealth outcomes based on your goals, savings rate and years to withdrawal. When a simulation results in growth, the score is positive, but when the outcome is poor, the score is extremely negative.
Considering all possible risk levels, we recommend the one with the highest average score across all simulations. It’s a method unique to us, and it means we can always suggest the right risk/reward balance to keep your savings on track. No matter how your circumstances may change.
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Retirement Spending

The right plan to keep your golden years bright.

So far, we’ve talked about how to save for retirement. But what happens when you finally get there? Knowing how to make your savings last is hard work, yet the professional help you need is often too expensive or difficult to find.
Thankfully, we have a solution that can help. It’s called Retirement Income Planning, and it offers an easier, more intelligent way to financially plan for life after retirement.
Unlike calculators and spreadsheets, our 360° model takes all possible factors into account — tax laws, withdrawal rules, Social Security, annuities and more — to determine the most efficient annual spending and investing plan for you. Tailored to your own goals and lifestyle.
Our model also includes a feature called consumption smoothing. It anticipates how market volatility can affect your portfolio, and calculates a steady level of monthly income you can count on and still withstand market fluctuations. So you can plan ahead with the peace of mind of knowing you won’t run short of funds in a given year.