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Create a personalized retirement income plan designed to last

GuidedChoice has created a retirement income solution that can make planning for retirement a lot less complicated.

GuidedChoice – Fiduciary Services Committed to Supporting Advisor and Plan Success

GuidedChoice has created a retirement income solution that can make planning for retirement a lot less complicated.

GuidedChoice Core Values

GuidedChoice was founded on the principle that everyone deserves a trusted partner to help them realize the future they want. Let our founder and CEO Sherrie Grabot explain how a culture of integrity is at the center of everything we do.

GuidedChoice COO – Louis van Zijl explains the mission of GuidedChoice

Making sure that every customer receives the right advice to reach their individual retirement goals takes constant innovation. Louis is responsible for ensuring we deliver on that promise without fail.

GuidedChoice CEO – Sherrie Grabot explains how GuidedChoice is different

Sherrie’s vision for GuidedChoice began long before the rise of the Internet. Today, Sherrie continues to drive us forward in our mission to help every investor, large and small, achieve their personal retirement goals.

Create A Retirement Income Plan that Lasts – Learn How

Learn how to make the most of your savings in retirement.  Since this video was created in 2013, one thing has changed. You will no longer see the name GuidedSpending on the site, but if you want to learn how we can help, click here to learn more.  (RIP consumer page link)  While the name has changed, it is still the same great service.

Why Save for Retirement

Thinking about saving for retirement? This video will help you learn what it can do for you and how easy it can be.

Introduction to GuidedChoice’s 401(k) Professional Management and Advice

Learn how a personalized, individualized investment strategy can help you reach your goals while making your 401(k) work harder for you.

Investing 101

Learn what different types of investments are and how investing works.  We know that when you are just starting to think about saving for your future and beginning to invest, it can be quite complicated.  We created this video in 2013 to make it simple and easy to understand and to help you get started.

Plan Sponsor Services for Financial Professionals

Hear what Dr. Harry Markowitz says is one way GuidedChoice brings value to the Plan Sponsor.  While this was created in 2010, we continue to build on the value we can bring.  Listen to see how we can help you.

How Important is Investment Performance

CEO Sherrie Grabot gives savers and investors timeless tips on what really matters – and it isn’t what you expect.

Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory: The Efficient Frontier

Listen to how Dr. Harry Markowitz believes financial advisors can help with market uncertainty and what he believes is a common mistake made by many when investing.

Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibility

Sherrie Grabot gives advice on what Plan Sponsors can do to adhere to their fiduciary responsibility. 

The Importance of Fee Transparency

Hear what Sherrie Grabot has to say about fee transparency and our low cost service.  While this video was created in 2010, our focus and offerings are and will always be created to give complete fee transparency and are structured in a way to allow anyone to get access to professional advice and management.

GuidedChoice – Investment Advice That Works

Hear what Sherrie Grabot and Dr. Harry Markowitz want you to know about GuidedChoice. While this video was created in 2010, our promise remains the same.

GuidedChoice Value to Retirement Plan Sponsors

We servicing nearly 35,000 companies, Sherrie Grabot offers a few things that she believes are most valued by our clients and partners.  While this was created in 2010, the value that GuidedChoice brings is even more important today and continues to grow. Listen to see if we can help you.