Why you’ll love us

At GuidedChoice we believe in your future.

That means doing everything we can to help you enjoy financial security when you retire. It also means doing things a little differently – from how you’d do them yourself, and from how a lot of advisors would do them for you.

First off, you’ll save a lot of time and money by trusting us with your retirement planning. Time, because letting us do the heavy lifting is a lot easier than doing it yourself. Money, because we’re much more affordable than a typical live advisor in a plush office. And compared to managing your own assets you’ll do even better – because even the most diligent do-it-yourselfer can’t match professional investment analytics, or consistently put in the hours and hours it takes to stay on top of all your investments.

If you’ve looked around (and you should!) you’ll know that any number of services can promise these kinds of results. But not all advisors are equal. What’s different about GuidedChoice?

To begin with, unlike most companies we think “personalized” means more than listing what’s in your portfolio and putting your name at the top. You have a life outside your retirement account – and we want to help with all of it.

For example, are you married? Retiring with a spouse changes everything. Two incomes, multiple retirement accounts, age differences and such affect your planning, so we look at all of them. Of course, we consider any other accounts, assets, or pensions you own as well. And in case retirement isn’t the only big expense in your future, we’ll set money aside for buying a house or paying tuition. The more we know, the better we can plan together.

We also believe that when it comes to handling other people’s money, trust should be absolute. A lot of people don’t have much love for the financial industry these days. We don’t blame them. We’re a totally independent company, not owned, partnered, venture-funded, spun off, or otherwise beholden to anyone else. So you can be confident that your success is our only interest.

Finally, we don’t offer our own mutual funds or other financial products. You might be surprised to learn that some firms routinely give advice and sell house-brand funds at the same time. It’s perfectly legal. But if it sounds like a terrible idea to you, we agree. We avoid any possible conflicts of interest so you can trust us as your truly unbiased, personal financial advisor.

One more thing: we’ve been around for a while. From boom to crash to boom again, we’ve seen our clients through just about everything. So if you don’t feel like handing your retirement money over to a brand-new tech startup… you don’t have to.

There’s a lot to love about getting great financial advice. With professional guidance, there’s a lot to love about your future, too. Let’s get started.