Give employees close to retirement a critical advantage

Today, 90% of US employees are concerned about making their money last through retirement. It’s a huge worry that isn’t easy for employers to address through traditional financial wellness benefits. GuidedChoice can change that with a Retirement Income Planning solution that can greatly elevate employee security and satisfaction for a more affordable price.


90 %

of US employees are concerned about making their money last through retirement


of American workers say they’re confident that social security will continue to provide benefits equal to today

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey 

A unique financial strategy and plan for each employee

Designed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz, the creator of Modern Portfolio Theory and our rigorous risk/reward model, our digital intelligence runs thousands of market simulations to create an income and investment strategy tailored to the employee’s individual in-retirement goals. That includes:

  • The ideal time for the employee and their spouse to retire based on their joint retirement assets
  • How much they can safely spend each year after retirement
  • The most tax-efficient way to withdraw money from their investment and retirement accounts
  • When to take Social Security
  • How to adjust their investment allocation to support their annual income strategy
  • Whether purchasing an annuity makes sense for their situation

The goal is always to help the employee confidently plan ahead, so they never worry about running out of money after they retire, or feel uncertain about financial decisions they need to make. Learn more about our process here.

Let's Give Your Employees Confidence

Test different scenarios throughout the year

Another benefit employees will enjoy is scenario planning. At any time, they can easily see how different factors will affect their financial outlook. From extra vacations and family bequests to unexpected health costs, they’ll know in advance how any change will impact their income strategy, so they can make the smartest personal choice.

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Always receive the guidance you need to stay on track

By leveraging our decades of expertise in personalized retirement planning, our solution goes far beyond other tools and services to provide the highest possibility of long term success — for employees and employers alike. Key advantages include:

  • A rigorous methodology powered by Dr. Harry Markowitz’s Financial Guidance Theory, which is based on the Modern Portfolio Theory that drives our proprietary market intelligence
  • A holistic goals-based approach for employees and their spouses that supports their individual spending plan with specific investment and withdrawal advice
  • Annual adjustments based on the latest tax laws, withdrawal rules and the employee’s own life changes to ensure a consistent level of income, and avoid shortfalls that could leave them without sufficient funds in a given year
  • Immediate recommendations to get employees on the right path when we see gaps in their plan
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What’s wrong with the 4% rule?

Many people believe they can make their retirement savings last by only withdrawing 4% of the value each year. Here are the facts.

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Average success rate using the 4% rule
GuidedChoice Retirement Income Planning 50%
Average success rate using GuidedChoice*
GuidedChoice Retirement Income Planning 90%
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Source: Asset Valuations and Safe Portfolio Withdrawal Rates by David Blanchett, Michael Finke and Wade D. Pfau.

*Given the current market environment with bond yields at approximately 2.0% and the CAPE ratio of 22, a 4% initial withdrawal rate has less than a 50% probability of success over a 30-year period with a 40% equity portfolio. This success rate is much lower than past studies, which have typically noted a probability of success above 80%, generally closer to 90%.

A partner that works in your best interest

GuidedChoice is proud to be fully independent, and unaffiliated with a parent company, investment manager or venture capital firm. Our advice is fully objective and tailored to each individual we serve. We also never accept payment for making a recommendation. Learn about our core principles from GuidedChoice founder and CEO Sherrie Grabot.

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One low annual fee is all it takes

Because Retirement Income Planning is a benefit that assists the employee throughout their lifetime, making it affordable is key. That’s why we offer our expert planning and advice for just $299 per year, which is less than $25 a month. Discounts may also be available to employers based on the number of employees or members they wish to cover. Contact us for details.

Insights that last through retirement

To learn more about our full range of Retirement Income Planning services, download our latest materials. You can also visit our Resources section for additional reports and analysis.

Put Retirement Income Planning to work for you

Retirement Income Planning is available to any plan sponsor, third-party administrator, financial advisor or association. Once on board, we’ll personally work with each employee to get them started, and can even input their financial information on request. Contact our team to explore all the advantages waiting for you.

GuidedChoice: Small Business Solutions

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Small Business
  • Managed IRA for greater convenience and ease
  • Professional management and advice for
    defined contribution plans
  • Greater flexibility and cost advantages
GuidedChoice: Business Managed Solutions for DC Plans

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Managed Solutions
for DC Plans
  • Traditional Managed Account and Retire Ready Portfolio
  • Fully customized to your plan’s strategy and guidelines
  • Highly personalized advice for each participant
GuidedChoice: Business Retirement Readiness

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Retirement Readiness
  • Essential preparation and motivation for employees
  • Personalized assessments and recommendations
  • Gives employers a unique picture of their
    plan and participants
GuidedChoice: Business Retirement Income Planning

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Retirement Income
  • Personalized income and investment strategies
  • Complete withdrawal and investment plan
  • Avoid the worry of running out of money after retirement
GuidedChoice: Business Fiduciary Services

GuidedChoice Solutions for Business

Fiduciary Services
  • Expert 3(38) fiduciary care at a plan and
    participant level
  • Complete oversight and due diligence
  • Fully customized to your investment strategy